The winner of the 2017 SCRIPT Award will be announced in late Spring 2017. To receive an email notification of the Award decision, please send a request to

In general, we try to give positive feedback, to encourage aspiring writers. When judging the submissions, however, the reasons we discounted many submissions began to form a pattern. We thought it would be useful to share these criticisms with anyone interested in entering next year.

Common reasons epics didn't win:

  1. They were not epics (i.e. stories with a grand theme).
  2. Too many or too few words (must be exactly 100 words). This is a particularly heart-rending reason for losing: for $1000, its worth counting the words more than once! Remember the 100 words EXCLUDES the title. Hyphenated words, contractions and abbreviations count as one word.
  3. The author didn't have (or wasn't a student of) a postgraduate science degree, diploma, or a healthcare qualification.
  4. Spelling and grammar mistakes
  5. Included editorial commentary "explaining" metaphors/comparisons to the reader leave people to draw their own conclusion from your great writing!
  6. Tried too hard to sound fancy/smart/scientific (remember that NON-scientific themes are encouraged)
  7. Too cryptic. It's hard to find a balance between being too cryptic and too obvious (see point 5). In the middle lies a winner.

    Good luck!
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