The 2015 winner is Dr Catie Lichten.

About the Winner

Dr Catie Lichten is this year’s SCRIPT Award winner, with her entry “What I’m Thinking.”

Catie’s winning Mini Epic is about an encounter on the London Underground. We caught up with her above ground in Cambridge, England.

So what made her choose this topic for her mini epic?

“I like reality, real experiences, snapshots,” she said, “where so little happens really but the moment has a very big effect on the person it happened to. I don’t know much about the big themes of the universe: what I like reading is where you can just say, ‘I can relate to that’. I like the idea of writing something that someone else can see.”

This is third time lucky for Catie, who has sent two previous entries to the SCRIPT Award, missing the prize by the narrowest of margins with both entries. She credits a “great writing course” at a local high school with motivating her to keep writing and to try out new ideas. An American by birth, she gained her PhD in physiology, with a focus on computational biology, from McGill University in Canada in 2013. After her PhD, Catie worked as a journalist in London, England, covering science policy. She currently works at a policy institute in Cambridge, England, researching science and innovation policy.

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